Not only Conceição and Amorim: top 15 Portuguese coaches in 2022

Perhaps, in this you will see some kind of paradox and snobbery on my part. After all, I said above that Jose Mourinho will not be in my material. In my humble opinion, in the last 5-7 years Jose has been engaged not in coaching, but in imitation. And no, victory in the Conference League is not an indicator for me, since it is more important how it was obtained. At almost every stage it was incredibly dull and only individual actions by Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Lorenzo Pellegrini brought brightness to Roma's game. In my blog, the scoreboard logic that became so popular last season with Real Madrid winning the Champions League has never been and never will be. Therefore, Jose fans, I'm sorry, but your idol will not be here (even despite a fairly good current season). This is the principle. I also note that I took only club coaches, since the institution of national teams is a completely different phenomenon, where the quality of the game is much lower (therefore, Queiroz or Bento will not be on the list), I did not take coaches who are now working in Arab countries (Jardim, Espirito Santo, Pepa ), because it is quite difficult to assess the level of specialists there and did not take unemployed coaches (Lage, Martins, etc.), because it is impossible to assess their level of here and now. Probably in the future I will make another article where I will choose the best of them working in the national team, in Arab countries and the unemployed.

Filipe Martins (Caza Pia)

< p> We start today's top with the coach of the club, who this season sensationally goes to the Primeira European Cup zone, although he just left the second division there. Senor Martins has been coaching not so long ago, only since 2014: he had experience in the youth and main teams of Real SC, led Mafra and Feirense. He has been coaching the current club since 2020, and last season led the capital club to Primeira after an 83-year absence from the top flight. And this season the club is not lost: right now they are in 5th place, which is an outstanding result. It is worth noting that Filipe focuses on defense and lightning-fast counterattacks, and not on ball control. And let's not blame him for this, since the team's resources are very small, and the pressure is far from the worst. In xGA, the team missed almost 2 goals and scored 1 extra goal in xG. That is, you can not talk about some kind of permanent luck. The team has a built-in system, and it's very cool. Good luck to Martins.

Joan Pedro Souza (Famalican)

There is a very high-quality material about the club coached by Senor Souza, so I will not repeat and briefly describe the features of Famalican. Firstly, since the 19/20 season, the club has been playing in the top division of Portugal with varying success at different points in different seasons (literally from the first place after 7 rounds in the first season to the struggle for survival in the next season). Secondly, the owners of the club are the gentlemen from Atlético (and Idan Ofer himself), and the key players in terms of transfers and the structure of the club are Jorge Mendes himself, sports director Miguel Ribeiro, who worked successfully in Rio Ave for a long time and of course a large scouting system (despite the collaboration with Mendes, the club is looking for different options). Thirdly, there is a certain turnover of coaches in the club: the current specialist, Sousa, began work at Primeira, then on February 1, 2020, the management appointed Silas, then on March 8, 2021, Yves Vieira was appointed, whom I will talk about a little higher, on December 19 of the same Rui Pedro Silva was appointed for a year, and now Sousa has been returned. Well, for 4 seasons, a huge number of different players visited the club, which also does not help much in development. Nevertheless, the club remains in Primeira, and with Sousa, the club won three victories in 5 matches and lost twice. Very good, given the greatly weakened line-up during this time.

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